Top Box Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of customized corrugated boxes. They design and manufacture corrugated products to spec in order to suit every packaging need. Top Box Manufacturing is a family-owned business and their operation focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. 

What We Did
Logo Design, Brand Identity
The Challenge
With its years of experience and success in the industry, Top Box Manufacturing needed an updated look to match its positioning in the market. The brand wanted to exude reliability, quality, and practicality - values it certainly embodied, but the existing visual language did little to create a strong profile for the brand.
The Solution
We aimed to craft a brand identity that was meaningful to the essence of Top Box. That said, we put our focus on what it valued and made sure to concretize them in its renewed identity.
          • High quality products
          • Consistent and reliable service
          •​​​​​​​ Functional value
After a few explorations, we came up with a bold and straightforward logo to indicate the idea of practicality.
The geometric shape of the logomark and custom type help give off a sense of structure and stability. We also rounded the corners to make it less edgy and somehow easier on the eyes.​​​​​​​
For the palette , we opted to use monochromatic brown to evoke a sense of reliability, stability, and structure which resulted into an overall look that one can easily trust.​​​​​​​
Even down to the types, we wanted to reflect the idea of practicality by using an assuring, versatile and flexible sans serif.​​​​​​​
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